About Me

Welcome to my TeesBySusan store!

Yes, there really is a Susan -- and I love bringing my awesome t-shirt designs to you.  Some I have commissioned and some I do the designing, and I bring you the best designs out there!

Ah, choosing one niche is just too difficult for me.  I love to dance, love the spiritual Abraham Hicks material, love the out-of-doors and love pets - so I bring you it all.

My company is built on 3 main intents:

(1)  Excellent products;

(2)  Excellent prices; and

(3)  Excellent customer service.

I pride myself on presenting unique, feel-good products to my like-minded customers and excellent customer service.

Feel free to contact me at teesbysusan@yahoo.com about any questions or concerns or just to talk.  My goal is to build a community while building a store.

My Facebook page is Tees By Susan, https://www.facebook.com/teesbysusan/ -- check it out and feel free to share.

Browse around and have some fun!